How It Works

It looks like you’re ready to downsize. Maybe you’re moving closer to family or just want less to take care of every day. Either way, you’re thinking about selling your family home. It’s a common step many of us take when we decide it’s time to move from a larger home to something more manageable. If you’re considering selling, see how Equity Renovations Group can help. We’re here to ensure you maximize your home’s value, preparing it for future generations.

Let’s delve into the specifics by comparing a traditional sale to an ERG Equity Preservation sale. For simplicity, we’ll use an example of a home valued at $500,000.

Exploring a Traditional Home Sale (without ERG)

Home Appraisal/Sale             = $500,000

6% Closing Costs                    = ($30,000)

Repairs                                      = ($10,000)

Legal Costs                              = ($3,000)   

Total Costs                               = ($43,000)

Net Proceeds = $457,000

Pros and Cons of the Traditional Home Sale


  • Potential fast sale


  • Inspections/repairs
  • Low ball offers
  • The “tear down” scenario

Exploring the ERG Home Sale

Home Acquisition Price            = $500,000

Program Fee                               = ($10,000)

Net Proceeds = $490,000

Pros and Cons of the ERG Home Sale


  • No closing costs
  • Increased dollar amount
  • Heritage


  • Potential delays during renovation

ERG's Equity Preservation Program provides an additional $33,000 for the homeowner. ($490,000, as compared to $457,000)

Why choose ERG's Equity Preservation Program for selling your home?

Without our program, you’re heading into a typical home sale, resulting in a standard financial return. Plus, there’s a bigger chance your home might be demolished. However, joining our Equity Preservation Program means you could earn more from your sale, with minimal to no risk involved. For instance, using the numbers we’ve talked about, you could end up with an additional $33,000. Even better, by updating and improving your home before the sale, it’ll be ready for a new family to cherish it just as you have.

For clients aiming to boost their earnings, our Equity Preservation Program offers various levels of involvement, each providing opportunities for increased profits. Additionally, we can oversee your property’s renovation, further enhancing its financial value. Select the option that aligns with your objectives, or blend them for the maximum financial gain.

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