Your Equity- A lifetime in the making.

Let us help you protect it for the future.

Equity Renovations Group serves to protect the real estate assets for homeowners through its various programs. Our services allow us to create a partnering relationship with homeowners who may lack the knowledge, time, or financial resources to renovate their family homes or other real estate holdings. Our goal is to bring new life into traditional family homes and provide better financial exits for those looking to sell their property.

Our Services

Unlock the full potential of your home with ERG’s Equity Preservation Program, designed to maximize your sale price without costly renovations.

For those who want increased transparency and a larger hand in the work being done to their homes and/or businesses, our project construction management and general contracting services are the perfect solution for you.


Serving as dedicated advocates for owners and investors, Equity Renovations Group’s Commercial Construction & Design services facilitate seamless communication among all stakeholders involved in a building project, ensuring its success from start to finish.

Why Choose Us

A home, an investment, a renovation- regardless of your goals, let us help you shape your dream into your reality.