Equity Preservation Program

Our homes are one of our greatest financial assets. Unfortunately, as we grow older, our financial resources and physical abilities often decrease, keeping us from properly maintaining or updating our homes. As a result, these assets can become depreciated by the time a homeowner wants to sell their home and most needs to maintain their financial resources.

ERG’s Equity Preservation Program offers a partnership approach that, while not suitable for every homeowner, presents a highly attractive option for those seeking to maximize their home’s sale price without the need for extensive and costly renovations.

This program is designed to safeguard homeowners, significantly enhancing their property’s market value. By achieving a higher market valuation, homeowners can eliminate closing costs, effectively increasing their net proceeds from the sale.

If you’re considering a straightforward option, ERG is open to buying your home directly. It’s worth noting, however, that going this route might lead to a potential loss of $25,000 to $35,000 for you. Also, there’s a chance your property could be replaced with newer, larger homes.

Equity Preservation Program

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