Management Services

As renovation experts, we provide construction management and partnering opportunities for real estate investors and owners. ERG provides a turn-key approach, providing planning, coordinating, and building a project from conception to completion. Our team of experts focus on creating projects that meet the client’s expectations of quality work and agreed upon timelines, maximizing investment profits.

Management Processes - Key Factors

Project Review

Review the project, project documents, and market factors to identify potential challenges with client expectations.

Project Scheduling

Develop a scope of work and provide detailed estimates of timelines, layouts, and concepts. Owners will be provided with weekly updates outlining tasks, durations, and sequence of general workflow progress.

Financial Transparency

Financial estimates and costs will be monitored on a monthly basis to provide a transparent and accurate accounting. We also coordinate distributions of draws and receipt of proper lien waivers.

Workforce Collaboration

Develop a schedule for the team utilizing Critical Path Method, detailing decision points, permits, bidding, financing, construction, and occupancy.

Material Procurement

Provide procurement lead review and early release packages for long lead materials of system to meet construction schedule.

Site Logistics and Staging

Provide site logistics and staging services including preparation of site plan for material delivery, storage, staging, and construction entrance/emergency access.


Prepare plan for facilitating a positive team attitude between owners, architects, engineers, subcontractors, and representatives.

Safety and Quality Control

To ensure everyone's safety, we promote a safe workplace environment by identifying job-specific safety concerns and working with subcontractors to establish a safe work environment.

Building Information Modeling

When possible, we encourage building information modeling, (BIM) between all members of our projects to promote increased collaboration and efficiency.